Track Categories

The track category is the heading under which your abstract will be reviewed and later published in the conference printed matters if accepted. During the submission process, you will be asked to select one track category for your abstract.

Biotechnology is the application of living frameworks and beings to create or make items, or "any mechanical application that exploits natural frameworks, living life forms, or subsidiaries thereof, to make or regulate items or cycles for explicit use". Contingent upon the strategies and applications, it frequently covers with the fields of bioengineering, biomedical designing, bio manufacturing, sub-atomic scheming, and etc.

Industrial biotechnology is that the applying of biotechnology for industrial functions, along with industrial fermentation. The exploitation of cells like micro-organisms, or components of cells like enzymes, to need industrially useful product in sectors like chemicals, food and feed, detergents, paper and pulp, textiles and biofuels. Industrial Biotechnology suggests a premier forum bridging basic analysis and R&D with later-stage development for property bio primarily based industrial and environmental applications.

  • Track 1-1Human Biology
  • Track 1-2Plant Science
  • Track 1-3Biological Chemistry

Nano biotechnology alludes to the crossing point of nanotechnology and life science. Given that the subject is one that has just developed as of late, Bio nanotechnology and Nano biotechnology fill in as cover terms for differently related advancements. The most essential destinations that are every now and again found in Nanoscience include applying Nano devices to significant therapeutic/organic issues and refining these applications of biotechnology. Growing new instruments, for example, peptide Nano-sheets, for medicinal and organic reasons for existing is another essential target in nanotechnology. New Nano-devices and nano medical devices are frequently made by refining the utilization of the Nano-apparatuses that are as of now being utilized. The imaging of local biomolecules, natural films, and tissues is additionally a noteworthy point for the Nanoscience scientists. Different subjects concerning Nanoscience incorporate the utilization of cantilever exhibit sensors and the use of Nano-photonics for controlling sub-atomic procedures in living cells.

  • Track 2-1Nano-biosensors
  • Track 2-2Nano-biomedicine
  • Track 2-3DNA-based Nanostructures
  • Track 2-4Advances in Nano-biotechnology
  • Track 2-5Novel application of nanoparticles
  • Track 2-6Nano-Antibodies
  • Track 2-7Lipid nanotechnology

Marine biotechnology is regularly alluded to as Blue Biotechnology which includes and utilizes marine bio resources as the objective to make or adjust items. Marine biotechnology may incorporate methods like bioprocessing, harvesting, bioprospecting, bioremediation, utilizing bioreactors while applications may incorporate wellbeing, sustenance, cosmetology, aquaculture, farming, fisheries, fabricating, natural remediation, biofilms, and consumption, biomaterials, inquire about instruments and so forth.

  • Track 3-1Marine flora and fauna
  • Track 3-2Microbial bioprospecting in the marine environment
  • Track 3-3Diseases and Immunology in aquaculture
  • Track 3-4Marine enzymes
  • Track 3-5Marine microalgae

Bioinformatics is an adaptable subject that develops ways, means and programming devices for biological information. As a communitarian genre of bioinformatics, science consolidates Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology and Engineering to investigate and deduce natural information. Bioinformatics is commonly an aegis term for the assemblage of natural preparing that normal PC programming as a piece of their association, well beyond an implication to an unambiguous investigation "pipelines" that are on numerous occasions utilized, prevalently in the area of genomics. Conjoint traditions of bioinformatics grasp the qualifications of hopeful qualities and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Now and then, such accreditations are finished with the expectation of better liberal the hereditary base of sickness, one of a kind modified duplicate, foreseen properties, or transforms flanked by the people. In a diminished measure of stylized way, bioinformatics in like manner cuts to grasp the authoritative teachings in the inside nucleic corrosive and protein classifications, entitled proteomics.

  • Track 4-1Computer-aided Drug Designing
  • Track 4-2Biostatistics and Bio Modelling
  • Track 4-3cDNA libraries
  • Track 4-4Bio-Molecules
  • Track 4-5Genomics
  • Track 4-6Computational genomics

Restorative biotechnology alludes to a therapeutic or analytic specimen or an antibody that comprises of or has been created in living beings and might be produced by means of recombinant. Therapeutic Biotechnology tremendously affects addressing the necessities of patients and their families as it not just includes pharmaceuticals and diagnostics that are made utilizing a biotechnological procedure, but also in quality and cell treatments and tissue built items. The lion's share of creative medications, regardless of whether made utilizing biotechnology or by means of a concoction combination like a conventional little atom pharmaceutical, and also numerous demonstrative items, are made accessible by applying present-day biotechnology in their improvement and assembling.

  • Track 5-1Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Track 5-2Biomedical Innovations
  • Track 5-3Viral Vector producing for sequence Therapies
  • Track 5-4Pharmacogenomics
  • Track 5-5Tissue engineering & regenerative medicine
  • Track 5-6Engineered organs

Present day biotechnology can assume an imperative part in taking care of our future sustenance requests in a supportable way. Biotech can expand trim yields, help grow new biotechnology products, and adjust existing harvests to be developed on peripheral grounds with decreased crisp water inputs. The innovation may not just enhance the nutritious nature of staple sustenances, but, can likewise reduce the need to develop trims on deforested arrive. Fast advances in biotechnology are lessening the time and cost to create enhanced nourishment and feed strains and to build crops with an enhanced dry spell and saltiness resilience and enhanced wholesome quality. New biotechnology instruments empower researchers to acquaint biochemical pathways with cells so we can breed plants that are protected and financially savvy wellsprings of these supplements.

  • Track 6-1Food Microbiology
  • Track 6-2Food Quality control
  • Track 6-3Food Chemistry and Nutrition
  • Track 6-4Food safety and allergenicity
  • Track 6-5Food Processing using biotech interventions
  • Track 6-6Healthcare products/ Nutraceuticals/Dietary food supplements
  • Track 6-7Probiotics for holistic human health
  • Track 6-8Shelf life extension of perishable foods etc.

In squandering water treatment plants, use of initiated sludge which comprises microorganisms which biodegrade the poisons display has impediments in light of the fact that numerous toxins are not productively wiped out. To beat these constraints, bio augmentation has been created, i.e. including particular and proficient contamination biodegrading micro-organisms that will expand the capacity of this microbial network to biodegrade contaminants, and consequently, the wastewater can be reused.

  • Track 7-1Application in biodegrading oil spill
  • Track 7-2Bio augmentation assisted-phytoremediation
  • Track 7-3Biodegradation of aromatic hydrocarbon
  • Track 7-4Novel strains in bio augmentation
  • Track 7-5Bioremediation of chlorinated contaminant
  • Track 7-6Application in wastewater treatment

Atomic science action concerns the different frameworks of a cell, including the communications between the distinctive sorts of DNA, RNA and proteins. It has numerous applications like in quality finding, sub-atomic components of maladies and its restorative methodologies by cloning, articulation and direction of a quality. The hereditary building is conceivable to make plants that can oppose herbicides while they develop. It likewise progresses toward becoming to make new dangers to our nourishment supply. Hereditary innovation permits to altered plants and animals, their development can happen the snappier pace. It can make a broadened life. Furthermore, it can likewise be made new items, for example, potato to create more. Kcal and this could conceivably diminish worldwide sustenance instability.

  • Track 8-1DNA forensic
  • Track 8-2Biostatistics
  • Track 8-3Structural genomics
  • Track 8-4Genetic biodiversity and taxonomy
  • Track 8-5Pharmacogenomics

Immunology is the investigation of the invulnerable framework, which shields us from contamination. There are three fundamental manners by which the invulnerable framework adds to ailment: Activation, Immunodeficiency, and Hypersensitivity. Immunotechnology is a vital arm of biotechnology, constituting the mechanical scale utilization of immunological techniques to create antibodies, for mass inoculation to forestall predominant infections or potentially delivering immunological remedial specialists to fix the burdened. Creation of protein antibodies has been in extensive scale use for quite a while and the present pattern is to build up the more particular DNA immunization.

  • Track 9-1Cell signalling
  • Track 9-2Tumor immunology and therapy
  • Track 9-3Vaccines and Immunization
  • Track 9-4Infections and microbial immune regulation
  • Track 9-5Immune development and differentiation
  • Track 9-6Autoimmunity, Allergy, and Transplantation

The investigation of living organisms at a more profound level at cell premise is known as microbiology. Microbiology has different subjects and its significances fluctuate in each sign. Some are in charge of a noteworthy extent of the sicknesses influencing people as well as plants and creatures, while others are crucially imperative in the support and change of our condition. A Cell is a compound framework that can keep up its structure and replicate. Cells are the key unit of life. The body of a few creatures like microcosmic organisms, protozoans, and some green growth is comprised of a solitary cell while the group of parasites, plants, and creatures are made out of numerous cells. The human body is worked out of around one trillion cells. Nothing not as much as a cell is alive. Gathering of cells can be composed and work as multicellular living beings. The life of a cell relies on a huge number of substance response and association composed with the hereditary guideline of the cell and its condition.

  • Track 10-1Stem cell cytology
  • Track 10-2Plant and Animal cell biology
  • Track 10-3Cell growth and development
  • Track 10-4Cell biochemistry
  • Track 10-5Virology

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is the science that covers all advances required for creating, assembling and enlistment of organic medications. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is an inexorably imperative zone of science and innovation. It contributes in plan and conveyance of new remedial medications, symptomatic operators for therapeutic tests, and in quality treatment for amending the medicinal manifestations of innate sicknesses. The Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is generally spread, running from numerous moral issues to changes in medicinal services hones and a huge commitment to the advancement of the national economy. Biopharmaceuticals comprise huge organic particles which are proteins. They focus on the basic components and pathways of an infection or infirmity; it is a moderately youthful industry. They can manage focuses on people that are not open with customary meds. Pharmaceutical organizations make and market drugs, domesticated animals feed supplements, vitamins, and a large group of different items.

  • Track 11-1Recombinant vaccines
  • Track 11-2Pharmaceutical products of DNA Technology
  • Track 11-3Biologics and Biosimilar
  • Track 11-4Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Track 11-5Drug Designing & Discovery

Animal biotechnology is a colossal area of study and incorporates the accompanying themes: utilization of creatures in examines clones transgenic creatures and quality pharming creature wellbeing Along with the logical examination, analysts should likewise manage numerous intense logical and moral difficulties. Creatures assume an essential part in essential research. The utilization of creature models allows faster appraisal of the impacts of new medicinal medications and different items. PC models and in vitro investigations of cell societies are frequently utilized as supplements to creature look into, yet they can't completely copy the outcomes in living beings. Preliminaries are required on cell societies, in live creatures, and on human subjects. Testing on live creature models requires that at least two species be utilized in light of the fact that distinctive impacts are seen in various creatures. On the off chance that issues are distinguished in the creature tests, human subjects are never selected for preliminaries. The creatures utilized regularly are thoroughbred mice and rats; however different species are additionally utilized. Another to a great degree significant research creature is the zebrafish, a strong aquarium angle. Canines are utilized for the investigation of growth, coronary illness, and lung issue. HIV and AIDS inquire about are directed on monkeys and chimpanzees. The creature looks into is intensely controlled. The Animal Welfare Act sets models concerning the lodging, bolstering, neatness and restorative care of research creatures.

  • Track 12-1Cell viability and cytotoxicity
  • Track 12-2Animal cell culture
  • Track 12-3Genome sequence analysis
  • Track 12-4Use of animal organs in humans
  • Track 12-5Transgenic animal models

It is the study of direct creation of particular synthetic preparations by means of aging, for example, lactic corrosive and citrus extract, nowadays compound biotechnology is expanding biotechnology's commitment to the enterprises. Concoction biotechnology basically incorporates into both synthetic designing and logical standards. Compound architects outlines, the creation of microorganisms and proteins to integrate new medications. An immense number of businesses that rely upon the amalgamation and handling of synthetic compounds and materials. This essentially manages the oil ventures, pharmaceutical enterprises, natural process. Synthetic architects appreciate expanding openings.

  • Track 13-1Controlled drug delivery
  • Track 13-2Metabolism
  • Track 13-3Enzymology
  • Track 13-4Biotechnology in the chemical industry
  • Track 13-5Biofuels in the chemical industry

Biotechnology covers a wide range of logical application that is connected in numerous parts including well-being and horticulture. It includes the utilization of living beings or its parts with a specific end goal to convey imaginative strategies for generation and make new items like new immunization creation to keep away from ailment assault; hereditarily changed plants; microscopic organisms being able to tidy up oil slicks. Every one of these highlights are identified with biotechnology that is absolutely relevant to human social safety tremendously affects the need of patients and there families as it not just spins around solution and diagnostics that are created utilizing a biotechnological procedure yet, in addition, includes quality and cell treatments, recombinant DNA items, tissue designed items and controlling natural contamination.

  • Track 14-1Green Technology
  • Track 14-2Biotech pharma quality issues
  • Track 14-3Healthcare technology
  • Track 14-4Artificial implant
  • Track 14-5Nutrients enriched Genetically Modified Foods

To deliver materials for industry, similar to synthetic compounds, plastics, sustenance, horticultural and pharmaceutical items and vitality transporters. Mechanical biotechnology, which is frequently alluded to as white biotechnology uses microorganisms and compounds. Squander created from farming and ranger service and sustainable crude materials are utilized for the generation of mechanical merchandise. It additionally adds to bringing down of ozone-depleting substance discharges and moving far from a petrochemical-based economy.

  • Track 15-1Primary and secondary metabolites
  • Track 15-2Food processing
  • Track 15-3Microbial growth kinetics
  • Track 15-4Industrial fermentation
  • Track 15-5Mass transfer relationship
  • Track 15-6Bio-Safety and Bioethics
  • Track 15-7Bio manufacturing

Ecological Biotechnology is an arrangement of logical and designing learning to take care of the natural issues, for example, the expulsion of contamination, the age of sustainable power source or biomass generation in the earth and environment by misusing organic procedures. The cure of ecological issues can be accomplished to some degree by natural biotechnological systems, for example, bioremediation, aversion, discovery and observing, hereditary building for supportable advancement and better nature of living.

  • Track 16-1Ecological niche modeling
  • Track 16-2Metapopulational modeling
  • Track 16-3Bioremediation
  • Track 16-4Agro-ecology
  • Track 16-5Green cosmetics
  • Track 16-6Biodegradation

Genomics is an interdisciplinary area of exploration of atomic science. A genome is an entire arrangement of DNA inside a solitary cell of a living being, and in that capacity, centres on the capacity, structure, development, of genomes. It points out the aggregate measurement and portrayal of qualities, which coordinate the creation of proteins with the help of courier atoms and catalysts. Genomics additionally includes in the examination and sequencing of genomes. The proteome is the arrangement of whole proteins that are delivered or adjusted by a life form or framework. This shifts with time and unmistakable prerequisites that a cell or life form experiences. Proteomics is an interdisciplinary area that had profited significantly from the hereditary data of the Human Genome Project and it likewise covers rising logical research from the general level of intracellular protein structure and its own particular special action designs. It is likewise an imperative part of utilitarian genomics and their subsidiaries.

  • Track 17-1Proteomics for systems biology
  • Track 17-2Human plasma proteome
  • Track 17-3Functional genomics & Structural genomics
  • Track 17-4Application of Genomics and Structural Proteomics

Catalysts are the substances which are utilized to speed up the response, and protein creation is the one of the principal segment of mechanical biotechnology. Because of the progressions in biotechnology, these are removed from particular microorganisms by the procedure of maturation, furnished with good conditions. Microbial chemicals have picked up enthusiasm for their across the board application in businesses and pharmaceuticals.

  • Track 18-1Application in food industries
  • Track 18-2Application in paper industries
  • Track 18-3Application in pharmaceutical industries
  • Track 18-4Application in leather industries

This is one of the key tools for modern biotechnology. Utilizing a wild-type compound which is found in nature isn't adequate for a modern procedure. It must be designed and streamlined as far as movement, selectivity, and dependability. A few catalysts may have the popularity for mechanical utilize, however because of its compound properties, it might lose its significance. Hence these compounds are adjusted so it can withstand cruel conditions. These properties will contain to augment the yield.

  • Track 19-1Computational methods in protein engineering
  • Track 19-2Computational methods in protein engineering
  • Track 19-3Artificial metalloenzymes
  • Track 19-4Protein engineering using CRISPR technology

Hereditary designing is altering the biotech business and is progressively connected in already unthought-of business sectors. As of late, a ton of business and close business cases have been seen inside mechanical biotechnology, where hereditary designing standards and apparatuses are connected in microorganism based items. The hereditary building has fundamentally extended the scope of compound items which would now be able to be blended organically.

  • Track 20-1Advanced synthetic biology tools
  • Track 20-2Synthetic biotechnology
  • Track 20-3Synthetic DNA
  • Track 20-4High value- low volume products

As the truth of the matter is realized that non-renewable energy sources will keep going for just 100 more years, the best sustainable elective way is biofuel. The blend requires organic procedures, for example, anaerobic assimilation, maturation, transesterification. Biofuels can be separated specifically from plants, or by implication from rural, business, local, or potentially mechanical squanders. This is not quite the same as other sustainable power sources, biomass can be specifically changed over into bio energizes utilizing different substrates. Because of a considerable measure of inconveniences in the ordinary strategies for recouping oil, there is a need of another alternative and in the look for condition inviting arrangements, developing consideration has been given to biotechnology, for example, the utilization of microbial improved oil recuperation (MEOR). The MEOR constitute infusion of microorganisms with vital supplements into the oil well, and under ideal conditions, microbial populace develops and their metabolic items produce oil.

  • Track 21-1Biodiesel
  • Track 21-2Bioethanol
  • Track 21-3Algal biofuel
  • Track 21-4Biogas
  • Track 21-5Third and fourth generation biofuels
  • Track 21-6Bio-butanol

This is a zone of rural science, that uses logical devices and strategies like hereditary building, atomic markers, sub-atomic diagnostics, immunizations, and tissue culture, to control living beings: plants, creatures, and microorganisms. In introducing the situation, mass development innovation utilizing biotech has turned out to be well known inside the plant seedling industry.

  • Track 22-1Biomedicine
  • Track 22-2Genome editing
  • Track 22-3Genetically Modified Crops
  • Track 22-4Improved Agronomic traits

These are the polymers that are biodegradable. The crude materials utilized for the combination of biopolymers will be either sustainable, i.e. in light of plant or creature items. Biopolymers have a few properties in light of the material, e.g. obstruction limit. It is an inexhaustible, greener and savvy alternative to stay away from the utilization of materials like polyethylene. Notwithstanding this, it assumes a vital part of dealing with the waste procedure.

  • Track 23-1Algal biopolymers
  • Track 23-2Protein biopolymers
  • Track 23-3Starch biopolymers
  • Track 23-4Bio-plastics
  • Track 23-5Cellulose biopolymers
  • Track 23-6Poly hydroxyl alkanets

Bioenergy is sustainable imperativeness which is gotten from natural sources. Biomass is portrayed as living or starting late dead living creatures and any plant or animal. Biomass can be used to convey sustainable power, warm essentialness, or transportation invigorates. Biomass is any characteristic material which has secured sunshine as engineered essentialness. In this strict sense, biomass incorporates each and every living thing. With respect to biomass essentialness, nevertheless, the term implies those yields, stores, and other natural materials that can be used as a substitute for fossil powers in the age of imperativeness and distinctive things.

  • Track 24-1Renewable Energy
  • Track 24-2Biofuels
  • Track 24-3Processes for Bioenergy
  • Track 24-4Biogas
  • Track 24-5Biomass

Frameworks and Synthetic Biotechnology is a generally new field in biomedical research. It centres on building new or changed flagging proteins to make wanted flagging pathways in the cell. Each living cell is a greatly complex machine communicating a huge number of various proteins. Because of sublime control, numerous cells, for example, photoreceptors and different neurons in vertebrates can live for quite a long time. Cells can likewise self-repeat by division, where both little girl cells are superbly suitable. Common choice (the "visually impaired watchmaker", to utilize Dawkins' demeanour) burned through a huge number of year to accomplish this flawlessness. Because of clarification of the complexities of cell administrative instruments, we would now be able to play advancement on our chance scale: re-plan proteins and flagging pathways to accomplish our ends. Systems and Synthetic Biology is a novel field that discovers its starting point at the convergence of science and building. It includes outlining and development of organic frameworks or gadgets that can be connected in differed areas to get determined outcomes. It's a multidisciplinary exertion made by researchers to comprehend the working of natural life forms, cells and qualities and usage of counterfeit hereditary procedures to give particular attributes to a creature. It can even be utilized to build up a totally new natural framework.

  • Track 25-1Laboratory Automation and Robotics for Synthetic Biology and Bio-systems Engineering
  • Track 25-2Production of Natural Products and Other Small Biomolecules
  • Track 25-3Synthetic Biology Tools
  • Track 25-4Genome Construction, Editing, and Design
  • Track 25-5Artificial Systems for Biomolecules Production and Pathway Prototyping