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24th International Conference on


Theme: Novel Trends and Advances in Biotechnology & Bioengineering

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Florida, USA

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About Conference

Theme: Novel Trends and Advances in Biotechnology & Bioengineering  

The EuroSciCon is an eminent association that sorts out exceptionally pivotal meetings all through the globe. At present we are delivering 23rd Edition of EuroSciCon Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering which is going to be held in Flourida, USA, On June 8 and 9.

We are cheerfully welcoming for all Biotechnologists, Professors, Researchers, analysts, Business Giants, CEOs, COOs, Directors, Vice Presidents, Co-administrators, Managing Directors, Industry Safety Officers, Environmental and Plant Scientists, Post Doctorate Fellows, Vendors of Consumer Products/Managers, Bio-Engineers, Pharmaceutical Scientists, Students from the Biotechnology and its related locales, so focuses to share novel procedures related to biotechnology and examining the troubles concerning splendor in research and movements, EuroSciCon is the longest running self-governing life science events associated with a pervasively academic client base. Our multi-capable approach makes a stand-out the undertaking that can't be found with an ace society or mechanically.

Aim and Objectives:

Biotechnology and Bioengineering 2022 Congress aim is to provide the selective research themes where every one of the members can be fully informed regarding the Latest improvements in the Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research. Meeting on Biotechnology and Bioengineering 2022 extraordinary Objective is to be the Premier and Exclusive therapeutic administrations assembling in the general regions. The estimations of Biotechnology and Bioengineering are Innovation, Quality, Integrity, Knowledge and Patient care. 


Sessions and Tracks

Track 1:Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the application of living frameworks and beings to create or make items, or "any mechanical application that exploits natural frameworks, living life forms, or subsidiaries thereof, to make or regulate items or cycles for explicit use". Contingent upon the strategies and applications, it frequently covers with the fields of bioengineering, biomedical designing, bio manufacturing, sub-atomic scheming, and etc.

Industrial biotechnology is that the applying of biotechnology for industrial functions, along with industrial fermentation. The exploitation of cells like micro-organisms, or components of cells like enzymes, to need industrially useful product in sectors like chemicals, food and feed, detergents, paper and pulp, textiles and biofuels. Industrial Biotechnology suggests a premier forum bridging basic analysis and R&D with later-stage development for property bio primarily based industrial and environmental applications.

  • Human Biology
  • Plant Science
  • Biological Chemistry

Track 2:Marine Biotechnology

Marine biotechnology is regularly alluded to as Blue Biotechnology which investigates and utilizes marine bioresources as the objective to make or adjust items. Marine biotechnology may incorporate methods like bioprocessing, harvesting, bioprospecting, bioremediation, utilizing bioreactors while applications may incorporate wellbeing, sustenance, cosmetology, aquaculture, farming, fisheries, fabricating, natural remediation, biofilms, and consumption, biomaterials, inquire about instruments and so forth.

  • Marine flora and fauna
  • Microbial bioprospecting in the marine environment
  • Diseases and Immunology in aquaculture
  • Marine enzymes
  • Marine microalgae
  • Microbial bioprospecting in marine environments

Track 3:Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is an adaptable field that develops ways and means and programming devices for liberal natal information. As a communitarian field of bioinformatics, science consolidates Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology and Engineering to investigate and deduce natural information. Bioinformatics is commonly an aegis term for the assemblage of natural preparing that normal PC programming as a piece of their association, well beyond an implication to an unambiguous investigation "pipelines" that are on numerous occasions utilized, prevalently in the field of genomics. Conjoint traditions of bioinformatics grasp the qualifications of hopeful qualities and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Now and then, such accreditations are finished with the expectation of better liberal the hereditary base of sickness, one of a kind modified duplicate, foreseen properties, or transforms flanked by the people. In a diminished measure of stylized way, bioinformatics in like manner cuts to grasp the authoritative teachings in the inside nucleic corrosive and protein classifications, entitled proteomics.

Track 4 :Medical Biotechnology

Restorative biotechnology alludes to a therapeutic or analytic item or an antibody that comprises of or has been created in living beings and might be produced by means of recombinant. Therapeutic Biotechnology tremendously affects addressing the necessities of patients and their families as it not just includes pharmaceuticals and diagnostics that are made utilizing a biotechnological procedure, but also in quality and cell treatments and tissue built items. The lion's share of creative medications, regardless of whether made utilizing biotechnology or by means of a concoction combination like a conventional little atom pharmaceutical, and also numerous demonstrative items, are made accessible by applying present-day biotechnology in their improvement and assembling.

  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Biomedical Innovations
  • Viral Vector producing for sequence Therapies
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Tissue engineering & regenerative medicine

Track 5: Food Biotechnology

Present day biotechnology can assume an imperative part in taking care of our future sustenance requests in a supportable way. Biotech can expand trim yields, help grow new products, and adjust existing harvests to be developed on peripheral grounds with decreased crisp water inputs. The innovation may not just enhance the nutritious nature of staple sustenances, but, can likewise reduce the need to develop trims on deforested arrive. Fast advances in biotechnology are lessening the time and cost to create enhanced nourishment and feed strains and to build crops with an enhanced dry spell and saltiness resilience and enhanced wholesome quality. New biotechnology instruments empower researchers to acquaint biochemical pathways with cells so we can breed plants that are protected and financially savvy wellsprings of these supplements.

  • Food Microbiology
  • Food Quality control
  • Food Chemistry and Nutrition
  • Food safety and allergenicity
  • Food Processing using biotech interventions
  • Healthcare products/ Nutraceuticals/Dietary food supplements
  • Probiotics for holistic health
  • Shelf life extension of perishable foods etc.

Track 6:Bio-augmentation

In squandering water treatment plants, use of initiated sludge which comprises microorganisms which biodegrade the poisons display has impediments in light of the fact that numerous toxins are not productively wiped out. To beat these constraints, bioaugmentation has been created, i.e. including particular and proficient contamination biodegrading microorganisms that will expand the capacity of this microbial network to biodegrade contaminants, and consequently, the wastewater can be reused.

  • Application in biodegrading oil spill
  • Bioaugmentation assisted-phytoremediation
  • Biodegradation of aromatic hydrocarbon
  • Novel strains in bioaugmentation
  • Bioremediation of chlorinated contaminant
  • Application in wastewater treatment

Track 7: Microbial Biotechnology

Atomic science action concerns the different frameworks of a cell, including the communications between the distinctive sorts of DNA, RNA and proteins. It has numerous applications like in quality finding, sub-atomic components of maladies and its restorative methodologies by cloning, articulation and direction of a quality. The hereditary building is conceivable to make plants that can oppose herbicides while they develop. It likewise progresses toward becoming to make new dangers to our nourishment supply. Hereditary innovation permits to altered plants and creatures, their development can happen the snappier pace. It can make a broadened life. Furthermore, it can likewise be made new items, for example, potato to create more. Kcal and this could conceivably diminish worldwide sustenance instability.

  • DNA forensic
  • Biostatistics
  • Structural genomics
  • Genetic biodiversity and taxonomy
  • Pharmacogenomics

Track 8: Immunology

Immunology is the investigation of the invulnerable framework, which shields us from contamination. There are three fundamental manners by which the invulnerable framework adds to ailment: Activation, Immunodeficiency, and Hypersensitivity. Immunotechnology is a vital arm of biotechnology, constituting the mechanical scale utilization of immunological techniques to create antibodies, for mass inoculation to forestall predominant infections or potentially delivering immunological remedial specialists to fix the burdened. Creation of protein antibodies has been in extensive scale use for quite a while and the present pattern is to build up the more particular DNA immunization

  • Cell signaling
  • Tumor immunology and therapy
  • Vaccines and Immunization
  • Infections and microbial immune regulation
  • Immune development and differentiation
  • Autoimmunity, Allergy, and Transplantation

Track 9: Cell Biology

The investigation of living life forms at a more profound level at cell premise is known as microbiology. Microbiology has different subjects and its significances fluctuate in each sign. Some are in charge of a noteworthy extent of the sicknesses influencing people as well as plants and creatures, while others are crucially imperative in the support and change of our condition. A Cell is a compound framework that can keep up its structure and replicate. Cells are the key unit of life. The body of a few creatures like micocrospic organisms, protozoans, and some green growth is comprised of a solitary cell while the group of parasites, plants, and creatures are made out of numerous cells. The human body is worked out of around one trillion cells. Nothing not as much as a cell is alive. Gathering of cells can be composed and work as multicellular living beings. The life of a cell relies on a huge number of substance response and association composed with the hereditary guideline of the cell and its condition.

  • Stem cell cytology
  • Plant and Animal cell biology
  • Cell growth and development
  • Cell biochemistry
  • Virology

Trac10:Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is the science that covers all advances required for creating, assembling and enlistment of organic medications. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is an inexorably imperative zone of science and innovation. It contributes in plan and conveyance of new remedial medications, symptomatic operators for therapeutic tests, and in quality treatment for amending the medicinal manifestations of innate sicknesses. The Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is generally spread, running from numerous moral issues to changes in medicinal services hones and a huge commitment to the

Track 11: Animal Biotechnology

Animal biotechnology is a colossal field of study and incorporates the accompanying themes: utilization of creatures in examines clones transgenic creatures and quality pharming creature wellbeing Along with the logical examination, analysts should likewise manage numerous intense logical and moral difficulties. Creatures assume an essential part in essential research. The utilization of creature models allows faster appraisal of the impacts of new medicinal medications and different items. PC models and in vitro investigations of cell societies are frequently utilized as supplements to creature look into, yet they can't completely copy the outcomes in living beings. Preliminaries are required on cell societies, in live creatures, and on human subjects. Testing on live creature models requires that at least two species be utilized in light of the fact that distinctive impacts are seen in various creatures. On the off chance that issues are distinguished in the creature tests, human subjects are never selected for preliminaries. The creatures utilized regularly are thoroughbred mice and rats; however different species are additionally utilized. Another to a great degree significant research creature is the zebrafish, a strong aquarium angle. Canines are utilized for the investigation of growth, coronary illness, and lung issue. HIV and AIDS inquire about are directed on monkeys and chimpanzees. The creature looks into is intensely controlled. The Animal Welfare Act sets models concerning the lodging, bolstering, neatness and restorative care of research creatures.

  • Cell viability and cytotoxicity
  • Animal cell culture
  • Genome sequence analysis
  • Use of animal organs in humans(pigs are used to supply heart valves in humans)
  • Transgenic animal models

 Track 12: Nano Biotechnology:

Nanobiotechnology alludes to the crossing point of nanotechnology and science. Given that the subject is one that has just developed as of late, Bionanotechnology and Nanobiotechnology fill in as cover terms for differently related advancements. The most essential destinations that are every now and again found in Nanoscience include applying Nanodevices to significant therapeutic/organic issues and refining these applications. Growing new instruments, for example, peptoid Nano-sheets, for medicinal and organic reasons for existing is another essential target in nanotechnology. New Nano-devices are frequently made by refining the utilization of the Nano-apparatuses that are as of now being utilized. The imaging of local biomolecules, natural films, and tissues is additionally a noteworthy point for the Nanoscience scientists. Different subjects concerning Nanoscience incorporate the utilization of cantilever exhibit sensors and the use of Nano-photonics for controlling sub-atomic procedures in living cells.

  • Nano-biosensors
  • Nano-biomedicine
  • DNA-based Nanostructures
  • Advances in  Nano-biotechnology
  • Novel application of nanoparticles
  • Nano-Antibodies
  • Lipid nanotechnology

Track 13: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Drug Biotechnology is that the science that covers all advancements required for assembling, creating and enlistment of natural medication. It contributes in style and conveyance of ongoing remedial medication, demonstrative specialists for clinical trials, and in succession clinical guide for adjusting the clinical indications of inherited illnesses. The Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is wide unfurling, beginning from a few good issues to changes in tending practices and a significant commitment to the occasion of monetary framework.

Biopharmaceuticals comprises of colossal organic particles that region unit protein. They point the fundamental systems and pathways of an infection or illness; it's a relatively youthful exchange.

  • Antibodies,
  • Proteins
  • Recombinant DNA Products

Track14: Algal Biotechnology

Algal biotechnology might be an innovation created utilizing green growth. Biotechnology is to more the comprehension of the biology of microalgae. This can help with the occasion of business scale little protectant refined methods for the gathering of bioactive mixtures, development feed, fine synthetic compounds, and sustainable fills. Also, ecological applications like CO2 bioremediation, the executives of exorbitant protectant development and improvement of the board ways for establishment administrators square measure explored. Tran genesis in protectant might be a high level and intrusive innovation. Selectable marker qualities, advertisers, communicator qualities, change strategies, and distinctive hereditary devices and ways square measure effectively available for various species and by and by ~25 species square measure open to hereditary change. Serendipitously, huge scope sequencing comes additionally are arranged, progressing, or finished for a considerable lot of those species.

  • Microalgae
  • Algal biology
  • Algal biotech

Track 15: Medical Biotechnology

Medical biotechnology indicates to a thoughtful or analytic item or a vaccine that comprises of or has been made in living creatures and will be production line made by means of recombinant. Clinical Biotechnology highlights huge effect on gathering the prerequisites of patients and their families since it not exclusively compasses meds and clinical claim to fame that are processing plant made utilizing a biotechnological strategy, anyway conjointly grouping and cell treatments and tissue planned item. Today, the main part of inventive prescriptions, regardless of whether plant made exploitation biotechnology or through a synthetic combination kind of ancient little particle medicine, additionally as a few symptomatic item, are made open by applying in vogue biotechnology in their turn of events and creating. Interest in clinical and wellbeing innovative work.

  • Cell Biology
  • Genetics
  • Nanotechnology

Track 16: Plant and Agriculture Biotechnology

Biotechnology has been rehearsed for an all-encompassing time, as people have needed to upgrade ergonomically vital living beings specifically and rearing. An illustration of old agrarian biotechnology is that the improvement of disorder safe wheat assortments by cross-reproducing totally unique wheat sorts till the predefined sickness obstruction was blessing in a really resulting new determination. Quality joining may wind up in improved keeping properties to make transport of late production simpler, giving customers admittance to healthfully significant entire food varieties and forestalling rot, harm, and loss of supplements. Biotechnology is illustrated collectively of instruments that utilizations living life forms (or components of creatures) to make or adjust an item, improve plants, trees or creatures, or create microorganisms for explicit employments. This composition can zero in exclusively on farming yield biotechnology. Biotechnology includes assortment of instruments and parts of run of the mill rearing procedures, plant physiology and so on.

  • Cell and Tissue Culture
  • Plant Genetics & Genetic Engineering
  • Integrative Plant Biology
  • Medicinal plants & applications

Track 17: Environmental Biotechnology

Biotechnology is applied and wont to examine the normal environment. Ecological biotechnology may furthermore infer that one attempt and tackle measure for mechanical utilizations  and misuse. Ecological  as "the turn of events, use and guideline of natural frameworks for amendment of sullied conditions and for climate agreeable cycles (green delivering innovations and property advancement)". Ecological biotechnology will simply be addressed as "the best utilization of nature, inside the style of plants, creatures, microscopic organisms, growths and protectant, to supply environmentally friendly power, food and supplements in an extremely synergistic incorporated pattern of benefit making techniques any place the misuse of each interaction turns into the feedstock for one more cycle".

  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Algae

Track 18: Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering

Bioprocess Engineering consolidates biotechnology and designing for the creating of materials from inexhaustible feedstock. This field incorporates fundamental bio atomic examination on proteins, compounds and organisms, moreover as work on biosensors, bio partitions and bioreactors. Applications embrace food cycle and conservation; drug, nutraceutical and sugar creation; air and waste material treatment; bio-based underlying themes for above sub-atomic structures; microfluidics for bioreactors and DNA chips; bioenergy; and applications inside the mash and paper business.

  • Bioprocessing
  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Environmental biotechnology

Track 19: Systems and Synthetic Biotechnology

Frameworks and manufactured Biotechnology could be a nearly new field in clinical claim to fame investigation. It Centre’s around designing new or changed correspondence proteins to frame wanted correspondence pathways inside the cell. On account of excellent guideline, numerous cells, as photoreceptors and various neurons in vertebrates, will live for a long time. Because of clarification of the complexities of cell prohibitive systems we can at present play development on our time scale: re-plan proteins and correspondence pathways to accomplish our finishes. Frameworks and manufactured Biology could be a novel field that discovers its starting point at the convergence of science and designing. It's a multidisciplinary exertion made by researchers to get a handle on the working of natural creatures, cells and qualities and execution of counterfeit hereditary cycles to pass on explicit attributes to an organic entity. It will even be wont to build up an absolutely new organic framework.

Track 20: Biomass and Bioenergy

Bioenergy is that the energy contained in natural matter (biomass) which might be brought back to life into energy shapes that we will utilize straightforwardly, similar to power, warmth and fluid fuel. Biomass is any natural matter of as of late living plant or creature beginning. Dislike coal, the natural matter isn't fossilized. Verifiably woody biomass has been utilized for bioenergy; yet more current advancements have extended the expected assets to those like horticultural deposits, oilseeds and secures. These high level bioenergy innovations give the property improvement of the bioenergy exchange, while not contender with the standard rural exchange for land and assets. Bioenergy plants can go from little home-grown warming frameworks to multi-megawatt modern plants requiring countless huge loads of biomass fuel every year. An assortment of innovations exists to unharness and utilize the energy contained in biomass.

  • Agricultural crop residues
  • Forestry residues
  • Algae
  • Wood processing residues

Track 21: Bio economy

The bio economy alludes to the property creation and change of biomass for an assortment of food, wellbeing, fiber, and option modern item yet as energy. The bio economy incorporates all businesses and areas fabricating, overseeing or in any case making utilization of natural assets (counting natural waste), like farming, ranger service, and fisheries. The popular bio economy is predicated on information and advancement in biosciences, along the edge of elective advances like designing, science, figuring and nanotechnologies. The bio economy as a significant part of the Strategy's three fundamental needs of:

Smart development: building up a data and advancement based for the most part economy,

Sustainable development: advancing a ton of asset conservative, greener and a ton of serious economy;

Inclusive development: cultivating a high business economy conveying social and regional union.

  • Materials,
  • Energy production,
  • Health and environmental protection
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Embryo Transfer
  • In Vitro Fertilization
  • Genetic Mapping and Cloning

Track 22: Genetics and Molecular biotechnology

Hereditary qualities and Molecular biotechnology is the utilization of lab strategies to consider and alter nucleic acids and proteins for applications in zones like human and creature wellbeing, horticulture, and the environment. Molecular biotechnology results from the intermingling of numerous spaces of exploration, like sub-atomic science, microbiology, natural chemistry, immunology, hereditary qualities, and cell science. It is an energizing field fuelled by the capacity to move hereditary data between living beings determined to comprehend significant natural cycles or making a valuable item. The apparatuses of sub-atomic biotechnology can be applied to create and improve drugs, antibodies, treatments, and demonstrative tests that will improve human and creature wellbeing. Sub-atomic biotechnology has applications in plant and creature agribusiness, hydroponics, substance and material assembling, ranger service, and food preparing.

Track 23: Microbial/Industrial biotechnology

Mechanical or white biotechnology utilizes compounds and miniature living beings to make bio fundamentally based product in areas like synthetics, food and feed, cleansers, paper and mash, materials and bioenergy. The machine of business biotechnology has been all around attempted to make significant commitments towards alleviating the effects of worldwide environmental change in these and elective areas. Furthermore to natural benefits, biotechnology will improve industry's exhibition and items worth and, on the grounds that the innovation creates and develops, white biotechnology can yield extra and extra suitable answers for our environmental factors. These imaginative arrangements bring extra benefits for each our environment and our economy.

  • Industrial Microbial Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology industries
  • Microorganisms

Track 24: Cell/Molecular Biotechnology

Cell and Molecular biotechnology is that the utilization of research facility procedures to check and alter nucleic acids and proteins for applications in zones like human and creature wellbeing, agribusiness, and hence the climate. Atomic biotechnology results from the assembly of the numerous spaces of examination, similar to science, natural science, immunology, hereditary qualities, and cell science. It s partner degree energizing field filled by the ability to move hereditary data between life forms determined to comprehend fundamental natural cycles or making an accommodating item. The instruments of sub-atomic biotechnology are regularly applied to create and improve prescription, antibodies, treatments, and demonstrative tests that may improve human and creature wellbeing. Sub-atomic biotechnology has applications in plant and creature agribusiness, development, compound and material delivering, ranger service, and food measure.

  • Improve drugs
  • Vaccines
  • Therapies
  • Diagnostic tests

Track 25: Tissue Engineering

Technique used for repairing of damaged or broken tissues and organs to restore activity. It involves use of variety of strategies for modification or choreographing of organic functions and chemical processes. Scaffolds tissue engineering designed for transplantation and support in tissue engineering process.

  • Trends In Tissue Engineering
  • Applications In Tissue Engineering
  • Tissue Repair And Regeneration.

Market Analysis

Biotechnology is the zone of science that uses characteristic systems, living animals, or subordinates thereof, to make or change things and cycles for a specific use. Biotechnology passes on bimolecular and cell cycles to make things and advances for improving the idea of human life. It has critical applications in agriculture, prescription, and food science among others. The presence of new advancement in the biotechnology field is changing the market over late years, and accordingly will provoke industry expansion during the measure time span.

The 1900s is recalled by the mechanical curators as 'the Information Technology Era' and the 'Advanced Physics Era', while, the 2000s might be appeared as the 'Biotechnology Era'. This is a result of fast progressions in biotechnology that are projected and through change different pieces of life in unavoidable numerous years. In any case, the field of biotechnology can follow its exact birth back to the beginning of improvement, when the early man discovered the ability to age grains to design hard blends. Likewise, the utility of cross-pollinating harvests to make novel creamer strains indicates the most unrefined kind of inherited planning. The late nineteenth century was seen to be reformist in science. A bit of the colossal advances all through this period include:

Developments for exploratory development and other microbial headway were seen by Pasteur, Joseph, and Lister Robert Koch.

Smaller than normal animals were found

Gregor Mendel's work on inherited characteristics

In the bleeding edge time span, analysts moved toward for all intents and purposes all straightforward mechanical assemblies for their applications. The norm of basic considerations was explained through these instruments, which revived the track to fundamental legitimate disclosures. These disclosures and studies have unlimited applications and ideas in the market space. Biotechnology has both harming and beneficial potential. Choosing it for humanity is needed to bring critical advances and drive market improvement all through the following not many years.

The below Pie-Chart predicts a median information of placements in biotechnological fields over five years globally. From the Pie-Chart it's identified that Bio Pharmacy corporations will increase its growth in production and managing the medication and merchandise over years, whereas Bio Industries is that the second leading company in its growth than Bio agriculture corporations.

We can conclude that requirement of biotechnologists professionals are the necessity for pharma Industries, food technology industries and marine biotechnology industry. For economics process of the world, its most required place for all national & international biotech companies. The below Pie-Chart predicts a mean information of placements in biotechnological business over a year globally.




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